What is the best backup source for power outages?

Backup sources for power outage 

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In this article, we will be identifying the best backup source for a power outage. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration such as the impact of the power outage, where the power supply is coming from as well as the accessibility of the backup power source.

The best way to avoid an unforeseen power failure is to plan ahead of time with the appropriate power sources for your home or business. The type of structure, existing electrical components and weather conditions should be investigated before investing in the backup source.

  1. Portable Generators

These types of generators can be stored and utilized conveniently at various locations and can be moved through the home. Portable generators can also be transported to various locations such as holiday destinations.

  1. Permanent or Fixed Generators

Permanent generators are used by commercial establishments and need to be installed by a professional and licensed electrician. This system would require a transfer switch and inverter as well as a charger for the generators with a battery bank.

  1. Solar Generators

Solar panels produce renewable energy and electricity that adds a component of inverters to expand the function of the backup power system. It is installed in a secure, dry location with conduits and wires connecting the inverter, panels and separate panel board.

  1. Wind Generators

Wind generators are predominantly used in larger rural and agricultural areas or properties that are used in locations with versatile zoning and weather patterns.

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