Energy saving tips

Energy saving

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In this article, we will be identifying and discussing specific energy saving tips to help you

There are various types of energy efficient solutions that can be applied to a multitude of contexts and industries.

  1. Reduce the temperature of your geyser to approximately 55 degrees Celsius to minimize adding additional water when showering or washing the dishes.
  2. Keep the lid on the pot when cooking to conserve heat and energy by retaining the heat of the stove on the specific pot. It should be important to match the size of the stove plate to save up to 25% on the electrical bill.
  3. Ensure that all lights, fans, computers and other energy-consuming appliances are switched off when leaving a room.
  4. Use energy-saving light bulbs which can conserve the amount of electricity.
  5. Invest in energy saving devices such as Solar Back-Up systems, Battery Back-Up Systems, Hybrid Equipment, Gas or Solar Solutions and Rechargeable Emergency LED Lightning.
  6. Incorporate efficient climate control equipment such as Smart Thermostats which allows you to set the temperature patterns according to the corresponding room temperature and structural build.

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