Can a UPS be used with a generator?

UPS & Generator 

As an organisation that is passionate about exceeding client expectations and delivering superb service, 24/7 Electrical offers services categorised into Residential Services, Commercial Services as well as Industrial Services.

We offer a comprehensive range of generator and UPS backup power installations that can be utilised in domestic applications, glass house contexts as well as server room installations.

A generator and UPS are key sources of back-up power supplies and are sustainable enough to be used as an alternative source of electricity for extended periods of time. The main components of a generator would include an engine, alternator, fuel system, voltage regulator, cooling & exhaust systems, lubrication systems as well as a Control Panel.

The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system would comprise an inverter, static bypass switch, and rectifier as well as UPS batteries. The different types of UPS systems depend on characteristics of how the power flows through the unit. This is categorised by standby UPS, Line-Interactive UPS as well as Double Conversion UPS.

A UPS system bridges the power gap when the generator starts up. During that gap of time, the UPS system will instantly switch to battery backup power so none of the connected devices will be affected by the power outage. The benefits of using a UPS system with a generator include consistent productivity for devices at home and a residential context.

Considerations such as frequency intolerance are maintained so that the UPS system has the capability to switch to battery power more often. The capacity of the UPS system must be at least twice the rated capacity of the connected devices plugged into it.

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